Anna Sottilotta Aria Bangle

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Designed and Handmade in France.

Fans of classic jewelry will love the elegance and simplicity of the gold plated Aria  bangle from French jewelry designer, Anna Sottilotta.

Named after the Italian word for "air", the Aria bangle is light and understated making it ideal for everyday wear. For those who enjoy wearing complementary jewelry, the Aria necklace makes an ideal companion piece to the bangle.

This Aria bangle is made from brass and gilded with 24 carat fine gold and is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. 

Look after your beautiful piece and it will retain its lustre in the long term. Limit contact with chemicals (including perfumes) and water. Ensure you remove your jewelry prior to swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools and do wear not wear whilst participating in sporting activities. Clean with a soft, dry cloth or chamois before storing in a case or pouch in a cool, dry place.

Anna Sottilotta studied art in Paris, France before turning her considerable skills to jewelry making. A fierce opponent of mass production, Anna creates small, handcrafted collections in conjunction with a team of artisans across France, Italy and Spain. Her pieces are defined by her love of modern and classic art and her passion for diverse cultures. Anna believes in creating versatile, timeless pieces that are distinct, beautiful and wearable.