SAB and SAB Heishi Stone Bracelet - Various colours

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Designed and Handmade in France.

These pretty Heishi stone bracelets from the wonderful French jewellery label, SAB and SAB are perfect for everyday and will brighten up any outfit. 

We love the contrast of natural coloured Heishi stones against the bright polymer beading. Each bracelet features a sliding, adjustable knot that makes it easy to put on and take off and will suit most wrist sizes with the length ranging from 14-22cm.

Layer these gorgeous bracelets for a fun, summery statement.

Available in 4 fantastic colourways - Green/Rust and Watermelon/Stone for lovers of beautiful brights; and Brown/Turquoise and Blush/Tortoise for those who prefer a more subtle look. 

French artisan jewellery designer, Sabelline Bouteloup (Sab for short) created SAB and SAB in 2012 as an expression of her love for travel, memories and timeless elegance. With a signature look that embraces rich colour and natural materials, SAB and SAB pieces express a sense of freedom, poetry and a love for adventure. Sabelline is a passionate advocate of traditional, artisanal methods and ensures all her pieces are produced in her workshop in Lyon, France.