Devotion Twins Bente Scarf

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100% Cotton. Made in Greece.

Every smart and stylish woman understands the power of well-chosen accessories to transform an everyday outfit into elevated chic and provide incredible versatility to your wardrobe basics. 

Our favourite Greek style label, Devotion Twins, has designed a divinely beautiful range of scarves that had us at "Hello"! 

Created from 100% organic cotton and featuring the label's signature, geometric patterns, these beautiful woven scarves pay homage to designer, Athina Parnasa's Greek heritage and love of Hellenic art culture. 

Bente was designed for lovers of vibrant colour and pattern. A vivid orange base is the perfect background for a unique pattern that combines classic Hellenic design with an unmistakeable Moroccan, Spanish and Mexican influence. Pair with black or neutrals for an instant lift to your outfit. And on those days when you want a more understated look, reverse the Bente and wear the pale salmon colour. 

The Bente scarf measures W100cm x L160cm and is reversible. Devotion Twins' uses an artisan technique whereby the pattern on each scarf is woven into the fabric rather than printing it. 

If you like the Bente, you will love the Aniela, Jule and Satina scarves also from Devotion Twins!

Influenced by her upbringing in Athens, Greek designer, Athina Parnasa, established Devotion Twins in 2013. Inspired by Grecian culture and architecture, Athena combines her influences with attention to detail and love of premium fabrics to create a collection that is both feminine and very much "of the moment".

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