Softinos Kari Leather Slide

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Super soft, super comfortable leather shoes made in Portugal.

Never has a shoe been so aptly named! Softinos offer amazing comfort and support while still making a stylish statement.

The Kari leather slide is a great. lightweight option for summer, offering a cushioned footbed for comfort and shock absorption, with the open style allowing your feet to breathe. 

Available in Smooth Black and Smooth White, comfort has never looked so stylish!

So give those hardworking feet a break and treat them to shoes so comfortable, you won't want to take them off. 

The Kari fits true to size. If you are between sizes, we recommend going up one size. 

Softinos is a brand dedicated to making shoes that make your feet happy. By this we mean shoes that contain only the softest of materials, so that the final product will leave you walking on clouds! The brand's idea is to spread happiness and good feeling with fun and warm colours!