Travaux En Cours Borsalino Hat with Leather Strap

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Foldable hat. Available in 8 Colours and 2 sizes.

Looking for the perfect summer that offers protection and still looks great?? Found! The stylish Borsalino is a classic, unisex, fedora shape that is the perfect summer hat.  Wear it casually to the beach, a barbeque, shopping or when walking your fur baby, then use it at night to add a touch of French flair to your outfit. 

Made from innovative French brand, Travaux En Cours (which translates to "work in progress"). these hats are made from sustainable, texturized paper, so not only do they look great, they are also good for the planet. A leather double band adds contrast and a little elegance. The Borsalino can also be folded for easy storage (great for travelling!) and will bounce back to its original shape when unfolded. 

Available in 8 fantastic colours. Designed in beautiful St Tropez in the South of France (where they know all about sun protection and looking great) and made in Italy. 

Look after your beautiful hat. It is not waterproof so please don't wear it in the rain!