Wild Paisley Welcomes Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl....more than just a clothing company

It's fair to say that Robin Brown, Magnolia Pearl’s creator and designer, speaks in thread rather than words. From a life pieced together by discarded scraps, torn fragments and hardship, Robin built Magnolia Pearl in 2002 out of sheer hope. These humble beginnings have provided the foundation for a genuinely unique and passionate project. 

Within each Magnolia Pearl garment, Robin has tried to weave her sense of wonder, awe and gratitude whilst embracing the vastness and grace of human expression. She creates for a woman with a strong sense of integrity, lightness, resilience and creativity, and has a passionate belief that clothing should be an expression of each woman's individual, personal story.

Robin is dedicated to the concept of "slow fashion" and sustainable production, and believes in the longevity of beautiful, quality pieces.

Wild Paisley is delighted to welcome Magnolia Pearl to its style family, and we look forward to introducing you to this eclectic, whimsical and much-loved label. Below is a sneak peek at what you can expect in the near future.


Emmali Kimono


Axel You Are Magic Jacket



Swarna Embroidered Blouse


Rainbow Vision Dylan Tee


Block Print Tora Shirt


Eudora Dress


Miner Denims


Inna Jacket


Block Print Luiza Jacket.


Please feel free to email us at wildpaisleyonline@gmail.com if you would like further information on this exquisite label.