EMC Embroidered Square Pillowcases (Set of 2) - Various Designs

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Handcrafted in India. 100% Cotton.

Bring a little artisan beauty to your bedroom with these exquisite hand embroidered white pillowcases from India.

Made from sustainably grown cotton and lovingly produced by local artisans, each set has a timeless appeal and traditional craftsmanship that cannot be reproduced in a factory. Each pillowcase features an embroidered motif in one corner with 4.5cm flange and hemstitching on all four sides. Available in 3 beautiful designs: Coral, Mimosa and Mango. White embroidery on white cotton. 

Dimensions: 65cm x 65cm plus 4.5cm flange.

Eva Massai's free spirit and creative nature is visible in each of the carefully curated pieces in her collection. Having a strong connection to nature and traditional design and manufacturing methods,  Eva chooses each piece with informed discretion, selecting only pieces that embody her personal aesthetic and values. Each piece in the her collection has been sustainably sourced and produced.